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Latest News

  • So, what’s next?

    Well, we’re back in the states. We’ve been here a few weeks now, traveling from place to place making up for lost time with our family. We bought a car shortly after we arrived and we already have close to 3,000 miles on it! Needless to say, our transition back to the states has been Continue Reading

  • I Brought You in this World…

    We all know the infamous phrase coined by Bill Cosby on the Cosby show “I brought you in this world and I’ll take you out.” That phrase may have been brought to life by Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable but, isn’t it really referring to God and His will?¬†God brings us in this world and He chooses Continue Reading

  • Yes, there are beaches in Africa

    About 2 weeks ago God sent a blessing to BASCO; it wasn’t for the children or for the school, it was for Kemah and me. The blessing presented itself the day we realized our efforts were becoming too overwhelming for Pastor Victor and the BASCO team. After hearing that news we felt pretty helpless and Continue Reading

  • We’re baaaack!

    It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted a blog post in over a month! It’s even harder to believe that we are at the end of January! So, where do I start? Christmas for Us As you probably know by now our computers and iPads were stolen on Christmas eve. Someone broken into our house Continue Reading

  • Outrage Over Fair Wage

    There’s a local restaurant here in Koforidua that’s very popular. Actually, it’s more than popular it’s a central piece of town more like a landmark. We ate her more often than I care to mention when we first got here and were staying in the hotel. The staff came to recognize us and one waiter Continue Reading